Make Your Final Move and Checkmate with Ultra 8.0.0

Celebrate the Ultimate Upgrade with Advanced Access Control Hardware



We’re beyond excited to bring you Ultra 8.0.0, the ultimate game-changer in security solutions. The moment we’ve all been waiting for is here, and we can’t wait for you to experience it! This is the final move—checkmate!

With the introduction of our advanced access control hardware, Ultra 8.0.0 takes your security strategy to unparalleled heights. Just as the final move in chess secures victory, this upgrade ensures your organization is protected with the most cutting-edge technology available.

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How does your final move to Checkmate ensure victory for your access control strategy?

Power Over Ethernet:
Simplified Installation, Enhanced Efficiency

Say goodbye to bulky power supplies and complex setups with our latest access control board featuring Power Over Ethernet (PoE). Streamline installation, reduce errors, and save valuable time. PoE ensures reliable performance for strikes, wet relays, and door strikes. Configure the board effortlessly using your mobile phone, cutting down installation time and minimizing mistakes. Get your system up and running smoothly, quicker than ever.

Why is this beneficial:

  • Simplified Installation: Eliminate the need for separate power supplies, reducing complexity.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Streamlined setup and reliable performance ensure a smooth installation process.
  • Mobile Configuration: Assign and configure the board using mobile devices for convenience.
  • Error Minimization: Reduced risk of installation mistakes, saving time and resources.
  • Quick Deployment: Faster setup process, getting your system operational in no time.
  • Reliable Operation: Ensures consistent power delivery for optimal performance.

Superior Design for Easy Maintenance and Support

Our redesigned layout simplifies connections with closer wire pins. The new connector design enhances usability, while improved labeling reduces installation errors. These updates ensure installers get it right the first time, making maintenance and support more efficient and reliable. Experience hassle-free setup and long-term reliability with our advanced design.

Why is this beneficial:

  • Streamlined Connections: Redesigned layout brings wire pins closer for simpler connections.
  • Enhanced Usability: New connector design improves overall board usability.
  • Simplified Installation: Enhanced labeling reduces installation errors.
  • Error Reduction: Thoughtful design updates ensure accurate first-time installations.
  • Efficient Maintenance: Easier maintenance and support for a hassle-free experience.
  • Reliable Operation: Improvements lead to a more dependable access control system.

Comprehensive Control with Advanced Features

Our updated board goes beyond easy installation. It offers real-time supervision and TCP/IP communication for robust access control. Built to handle demanding environments, it features a fully supervised power circuit that monitors system health, keeping you in control. Enjoy true cloud access with mobile setup, instant updates, and real-time management from any device, anywhere.

Why is this beneficial:

  • Real-Time Supervision: Continuous monitoring of system status and performance.
  • Robust Network Communication: Reliable data transmission via TCP/IP.
  • Large Memory Capacity: Supports up to 40,000 users and 2,000 event buffers.
  • Health Monitoring: Fully supervised power circuit tracks input, output, and battery voltage.
  • True Cloud Access: Mobile setup, instant updates, and real-time management.
  • Anytime, Anywhere Control: Manage your system from any device, anywhere.

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Just as the queen ascends to her powerful position on the chessboard, Millennium’s emergency tags empower you to swiftly and strategically secure your surroundings, ensuring safety with precision and foresight

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