Parking Access Control System

Automates the Entry and Exit of Vehicles
in a Parking Space

How does Millennium's Parking Access Control Systems Work?

Millennium’s Parking control system works by stopping unauthorized cars or other vehicles from entering a facility. Contingent upon the sort of building or space, the parking garage access control framework has various features and functionality.

The two most important parts of a parking access control system are a parking gate and an access control reader. At the point when a credential is introduced to a reader, parking area control frameworks send the information through a control board to approve the credential. The control board then, at that point, imparts the gate security system, which led to the opening of the gate.

Parking access control system

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License Plate Recognition Cameras

Millennium’s parking access system with the help of an LPR camera allows entry for the registered vehicle only. It is also used to track the entry and exit times of vehicles.

Mobile Parking Access Control System

No need to carry a keycard or fob, just a simple touch on your smartphone unlocks the gate of the parking facility.


Prevent Parking Lot Tailgaters

Millennium’s parking control access system limits the number of available spots per user and automatic credential disables option.

Parking Module Features and Specifications


millennium parking access control system

Parking Reports and How it Prevents Tailgating or Piggybacking?

With real-time data and intricate reporting through the Millennium parking control systems, administrators can efficiently track parking revenues over time, specify non-compliant vehicles, and audit the parking access revenue at any given time.

Through Millennium, Administrators can force users to exit before they enter again with define/controlled in/out parking gates.

The history screen illustrates users trying to enter the parking lot and being rejected either because the parking lot is full (“Parking Lot Full”), or they are trying to piggyback in with the same credentials (“Parking spaces are full”) when only 1 spot allocated in this case for that particular credential.

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