Millennium Plexus

Flexible, Smart, Simple Mesh Technology Wireless Access Control

Wireless Access Control For The Most Flexible Installs

Millennium Plexus mesh network wireless system provides flexible wireless access control for buildings with wiring limitations, structures with high or plastered ceilings, and sites with a preference for fully secured wireless connectivity such as college dorms. Eliminate lengthy wire runs, reduce installation labor and cost, connect multiple buildings and get stable access control security anywhere you need it. Enjoy the flexibility and scalability provided by Plexus for creating completely wireless sites or by expanding existing wired sites with the new wireless controllers.


The Millennium Plexus wireless door controllers are specially designed to fit varying installation sizes and the architecture is flexible enough to fit in with completely wireless sites as well as a mixture of wired and wireless sites.

The mesh wireless network makes it the best solution for complicated installs that include the need to connect remote or detached structures such as gates and buildings with high or plastered ceilings.

As with all the Millennium access control products, Plexus is backward compatible to fit with previous versions of the Millennium access control software and specially designed for optimal performance with the Millennium Ultra access control software platform.


  • Eliminates the need for the door to door installation of RS-485 wiring resulting in an approx. 30% cost savings.
  • Mesh connectivity technology presents a more stable network than popular Wi-Fi enabled locks
  • Power stability eliminates the need to replace batteries unlike wireless door handles
  • Comes with the full-featured version of Millennium Ultra software
  • Pre-licensed for up to 5 concurrent users
  • Up to 150 ft range line of sight

Ideally suited for:

  • Sites with high ceilings- warehouses, gyms, theatres,
  • Commercial buildings
  • College dorms and connected buildings
  • Historic buildings
  • Buildings with plastered ceilings

Features of Plexus

Wireless communication using mesh network technology

Same Millennium topography, now equipped with wireless mesh capabilities. Same Millennium controllers with the addition of wireless technology to create wireless network connectivity.

Eliminates traditional wiring

Millennium Plexus wireless controller eliminates the need for lengthy wire runs and complicated installations. Leads to an approx. 30% cost savings when compared to traditional RS-485 wiring. (savings = install time and cost of wire)

More efficient power management

The Plexus wireless controllers are engineered for improved power performance with more efficient wiring for simplified installations. Controllers can be wired directly to a local power source and there is no need to change batteries like with wireless handles.

Scalable access control without disruptions

Designed with backward compatibility with all previous versions of the Millennium access control systems hardware and software. Does not require additional training for installs.

Flexible solution for mixed architecture installs

Plexus provides the ability to scale wired sites with wireless additions. For sites with an existing Millennium system in place and a desire to expand using the wireless controllers, Plexus allows for multiple pattern connectivity creating systems that encompass both the wired and the wireless systems.

Built-in redundancies

Mesh network technology provides stable connectivity with Mesh connections that act as redundancies using a technique known as self-healing. Self-healing allows a routing-based network to re-route traffic when a node breaks down or when a connection becomes unreliable. The network is reliable, as there is often more than one path between a source and a destination in the network. For example, if one Mesh controller goes down, the other Mesh controllers reconnect with one another to keep the system functioning. Every board dynamically serves as a router for every other board to provide connection stability.

Full Access Control Features

The wireless Mesh system, unlike traditional wireless handles provides a full-featured access control system along with wireless benefits.

Stable connections

The wireless Mesh uses the Bluetooth 5 wireless technology providing more stability than the regular Wi-Fi connectivity of traditional wireless handles.

Long range wireless connectivity

Easily connect hard to reach or remote locations and multiple buildings without the need for wires. Connectivity with up to 150ft line of sight where each controller is a static connection and acts as a repeater. For longer ranges, a signal extender can be added.

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