Millennium Tellus​

Cutting-edge Technology, Effortless Deployment, Seamless User Experience

Best-in-class technology that is easy to deploy and even easier to use

User-friendly Access Control

Our pre-engineered access control solution is designed for quick and easy installation without compromising on features, capabilities, or reliability. Tellus is designed for any-sized access control installation where cost-effectiveness and installation efficiency are critical. This reduces on-site labor and installation requirements while eliminating the need for software installation. 

Get the Job Done Right: Your Solution, Pre-Engineered!

Let us handle the heavy lifting for you. Our pre-engineered solutions come wired, tested, and ready to install, saving you valuable labor and time. With our meticulous attention to detail, you can trust that there will be no room for mistakes. Get peace of mind knowing that your project is in expert hands, allowing you to accomplish more tasks, more easily, and in less time.

Maximize Efficiency with Tellus: Four Key Advantages

Cost Control

Reduce labor expenses by up to 25% with Millennium Tellus. Our pre-installed hardware and pre-wired power supply streamline setup, saving you valuable resources.

Simplicity, Guaranteed

We make it easy. Our pre-engineered products eliminate the guesswork, ensuring straightforward use for beginners and seasoned professionals alike.

Expert Support

Access technical assistance tailored to your needs. Let our team configure your system and provide guidance on software programming, ensuring optimal performance.

Boost Sales

Increase revenue with confidence. Offer service agreements backed by our reliable pre-engineered systems, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving growth.

Cost Control

Reduce labor expenses by up to 25%. Millennium Tellus is delivered with pre-installed hardware and pre-wired with a power supply.

We make it easy

Our pre-engineered products take the guesswork out learning to use our product, even for beginners with no prior technical knowledge!

Technical support

Get the Millennium Gateway installed let Millennium configure your system to your specific needs. Call our Tech support team and learn how to program your software to set up doors, time periods and holidays, access levels and credentials.

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Sell more

Sell service agreements with the assurance that the system will remain operational for an extended period of time. These pre-engineered systems work with our cloud-hosted solution and are designed to increase user satisfaction

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