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Millennium Badging and Identification

Millennium’s Badging ID Module, an integral component of the Ultra Software, has revolutionized the concept of modern physical and digital badges to meet the needs of today’s dynamic workforce and workplace. This module ensures precise and secure identification of individuals accessing various facilities, whether it’s a corporate office or a hospital, based on the validity of their credentials. With features tailored for supervised environments and sensitive areas, it’s the ideal solution to safeguard both your personnel and workplace

physical cards or mobile access – Millennium delivers the best of both worlds.

Don’t limit your options! Whether it’s a physical card or mobile access, give your team the flexibility they crave with Millennium’s cutting-edge badging solutions.

Easily create tailored badges, accessible on-the-go via smartphone, printed seamlessly to meet diverse needs, ensuring precise security for your organization’s requirements with Millennium’s innovative solutions.

Craft badges to suit your unique requirements effortlessly, whether it’s for employees, visitors, or special events, ensuring a professional touch that reflects your brand identity..

Enjoy the freedom of accessing badges anytime, anywhere, straight from your smartphone, empowering your workforce with convenient and flexible badge management on the go.

Seamlessly print badges using a variety of printers, from standard card printers to versatile label printers, accommodating your diverse printing preferences and needs.

Rely on our comprehensive suite of access control features to ensure precise identification and security across all settings, fostering a safe and efficient environment tailored to your organization’s specific requirements.

Ensure the safety of your occupants by enforcing social distancing measures through real-time occupancy tracking.

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You Don't Have to Pay Extra, It Comes Included

Gone are the days of shelling out extra cash for ID card software. With Millennium, it’s all bundled together, offering you more value for your investment. Say goodbye to additional fees and hello to comprehensive solutions

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Seamless Customization

Experience the convenience of Millennium's extensive library of default ID badge templates, catering to all your needs for employees, visitors, contractors, or dealers. Need something tailor-made? Our customizable options ensure a seamless and user-friendly system, putting you in control every step of the way.

Effortless Badging Simplified

Our intuitive badging module simplifies the entire process, making customization a breeze. Administrators and operators can effortlessly integrate employee photos into the company template and swiftly transfer entry-related data from the employee database, all in a matter of seconds, ensuring a seamless and efficient badging experience.

Versatile Printing Options

Our badging system offers support for a range of printers, ensuring compatibility with your existing infrastructure. Whether you need to print employee IDs on card printers or visitor badges on self-adhesive labels using label printers, our system provides the flexibility and versatility to meet your diverse printing needs with ease.

Default/Custom ID Badge Templates

Millennium has by-default many ID badge templates that
you can use for your employees, visitors, contractors, or
dealers. Custom-made ID badge templates are also
available which makes the system very easy to learn.

Easy Badging Process

Badging module makes the whole procss easy and
effortless. The administrator or operator can place the photo
on the already finalized company template in a matter of a
few seconds. Further, entry-related data can be copied from
the employee’s database.

Supports Multiple System Printers

Badging system supports multiple system printers:
Employee ID s can be printed on a card printer, and visitor badges can be printed on self adhesive labels using label printers.

Establish a More Professional Image of your Company


Design your ID card designs through different shapes, font sizes, barcodes, etc

Search & Sorting

With the quick search option, get the required data from the cluster in no time and in a precise way.

Photo Capture

Take photos utilizing face recognition, auto cropping, and other useful tools.


An interactive and easy to use interface that both freshers and experienced graphic designers can use.


Use placeholders to smoothly allocate the photo, company logo, barcode, and signature.

Handle Records

Import employees data using a Microsoft Word or Excel File. The data grid module helps to easily manage records.

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