Securing your Education Environment​

Our Customization Access Control Solutions are for every Educational Institute

Scalable Security Solutions for Safe Learning Environments

When parents drop their children off at daycare, they expect that their kids will be safe and cared for. This is only possible with the proper security measures in place for the child. Some of the key features include secure child-free zones and safety for outside spaces.

Providing a secure environment is the responsibility of every elementary school. Government regulations on student and personnel entry are worthwhile, but adequate security is only achievable with top-notch security for controlled spaces, and reliable access control that grows with your needs.

Access control in any Middle School should allow for the control of entry and exit, provide the ability to track movements, and adds an extra layer of security. In addition, in case of any security breach, access control provides the ability to immediately lockdown facilities to protect vulnerable lives and prevent loss.

Security of schools more important and It’s the duty of every institution to provide a safe environment for the students, faculty, and staff. High School is also one of the places where security is important with an Integrated ID system to ensure that only approved persons can gain entry and access associated benefits.

Security of colleges and universities is important in order to make sure that educational learning carries out without interruption. MGI works on taking on scalable access control features for multiple units and buildings as well as managing one security system for both access control and video surveillance.

Ensuring the safety and security of students living in dormitories is paramount for educational institutions. With our customizable access control solutions, dormitories can implement stringent security measures to safeguard residents and their belongings. Features such as controlled entry and exit points, 24/7 monitoring, and integrated security systems provide peace of mind for students and staff alike. Whether it’s restricting access to designated areas or implementing emergency lockdown procedures, our solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of dormitory environments, promoting a safe and conducive living and learning environment for all.

Compliant Solutions for Reliable Security

Millennium’s suite of access control solutions is designed to comply with all your safety regulations and allows you to provide reliable security with physical access control and video surveillance.

One-Card solution for multiple locations

Controlled access and tracking

Protect important rooms and equipment

Easy access for authorized individuals

Safety for outdoor spaces with CCTV Surveillance Solutions

Boosting Campus Security through Remote and Desk Monitoring

Benefits of MGI for child care centers, schools, and campus security


Eliminate re-keying and card reissue to save time and money


Install and manage with little effort plus expert technical support


Manage system remotely from anywhere with mobile connectivity


Add and remove sites and doors at anytime seamlessly


We recognize your needs and provide solutions accordingly


Secure backup, software updates, and reliable hardware

“Installing the Millennium Access Control Cloud solution was a great choice for our customer’s private New England school. The school wanted the ability to access its system from anywhere. They have insight into everyone who comes and is able to control all their doors easily. Since the system has been installed they have called and said how happy they are with the features and thanked me for installing the Millennium software. They love the Mobile Connect.”

George Bildstein

Security Consultant

Northeast Security Technologies

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