Mobile Connect

Flexible mobile credentials to open doors from anywhere

Access to secured buildings, rooms and common areas with one click from your smartphone with the help of MGI’s Mobile Connect is quick, seamless and flexible.

Benefits of Millennium Mobile Connect

  • MGI mobile credential can perform touch-free locking and unlocking of door remotely
  • Works with all readers, so there is no need to replace existing hardware
  • System operators can generate reports or review real-time dashboards on any device 
  • MGI mobile credentials can be reused, transferred, and deactivated
  • MGI mobile credential is great for administrators because it gives them complete control over issuing and revoking credentials

Now With Geo-Fencing

The NEW Geo-Fencing tag offers an extra layer of security, convenience of operation, and the ability for authorized users to access doors when the NFC tag is close to the reader. All NFC tags are controlled securely through the Millennium software platform and are readily assigned to all mobile-enabled workers, students or other staff by the administrator. 

Millennium NEW Geo-Fencing Benefits

  • Employees can now use their smartphones as key cards and fobs to open all doors
  • Works with all readers, is simple to install, and connects with current hardware system
  • Administrators can lock down, control doors and manage credentials remotely

Available for free download

MGI end-user benefits


Automatic real-time updates to the hosted interface


Fully redundant backup and archiving included


Browser-based access anytime, anywhere


Little to no IT support required


Subscribers only pay for what they use


Remotely assign and revoke credentials

Why MGI's Mobile Connect ?

MGI’s suite of access control solution provides the technology for heightened security without feeling intrusive.

Added Convenience

  • Use your smartphone to unlock doors from anywhere
  • Always have access to your building and never worry about forgetting your office  or house key card again

Touchless Unlock

  • With Geo-Fencing, eliminate the ongoing cost of creating and managing new keyfobs and cards
  • Increase convenience for users to just use their smartphones for door entry

Flexible and reliable

  • Works with ALL readers, no need to replace existing hardware
  • Save money on replacement cards with easy credential assignment

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