The Future of Access Control With Cloud-Based Security Solutions

Elevate Your Security Game with Millennium and unleash Control, Visibility, and Reliability in the Cloud

Why Choose MILLENNIUM's Cloud-Based Solution?

Allow both your operators and end users to experience the freedom of accessing the platform using a secure login from any device (even a smartphone) from virtually anywhere.

Benefit from MILLENNIUM’s cloud-based solution’s advanced security features, including AWS certification and robust protection software, ensuring your data is safeguarded against cyber threats.

Enjoy peace of mind with nightly backups and software updates, ensuring your system is always up-to-date and your data is protected against loss.

With MILLENNIUM’s cloud-based solution, rely on our expert IT team to manage your data, sparing you the burden of hiring extra staff for server upkeep and data backups. This ensures that businesses can concentrate on their primary operations, while also guaranteeing that their security systems stay current and safeguarded against data loss.

Scale your storage needs effortlessly with MILLENNIUM’s scalable storage solutions, accommodating your growing data requirements without compromising performance or security.

Opt for MILLENNIUM’s cloud-based solution to eliminate the need for expensive hardware investments and reduce ongoing maintenance costs, providing a cost-effective and efficient security solution.

With MILLENNIUM’s cloud-based solution, you’ll never risk losing data thanks to robust backup protocols and redundant systems, ensuring your critical information is always secure and accessible.


Beyond mere storage, our cloud solution offers comprehensive services, top-notch security measures, and much more to meet all your business needs

Experience peace of mind with our comprehensive cloud solution, offering seamless backup and restore capabilities to safeguard your valuable data against unforeseen events.

At MILLENNIUM, We’re dedicated to delivering a positive customer experience while providing cutting-edge features that meet market demands.

Discover Cloud for Enterprise with MILLENNIUM Solutions

Maximize operational efficiency and minimize business risks with our proven expertise, Accessng over a million active doors

  • Empower your enterprise with streamlined management capabilities and enhanced client and tenant experiences.
  • Our cloud-based access control solution offers scalability, integration flexibility, and compliance assurance, ensuring your organization stays secure and compliant with ease.
  • Benefit from a tailored solution designed to optimize your enterprise security infrastructure.
  • Experience the future of enterprise cloud security today and know more about our Standard Cloud Hosted solution or request a free demo.

Empower Your Enterprise Security with Cloud-Based Access Control

Enjoy unparalleled freedom to manage tasks from anywhere you’re at. Don’t feel tied to your office; our cloud-based access control software empowers you to stay connected and in control, no matter where you are.

Simplify your organization’s access management with our centralized platform, ensuring efficient administration of user privileges across the board. Enjoy full capability from any location, breaking free from the limitations of traditional hardware-bound systems.

Stay informed with instant access event updates and security alerts, empowering swift response to potential threats and incidents.

Adapt to evolving business needs seamlessly by expanding your security infrastructure with minimal effort, accommodating growth and changes in your enterprise.

In conclusion, our cloud-based access control software empowers enterprise organizations to take their security to the next level. With centralized management, real-time visibility, scalability, enhanced security features, and integration capabilities, you can ensure the safety and security of your enterprise assets while adapting to the evolving threat landscape with confidence.

Discover Cloud for Small and Medium Businesses with MILLENNIUM Solutions

KOLRAM Special Needs Schools

“We have been working with Millennium for 20 years and we have a great relationship. I like the whole team and how easy it is for us to get the reliable parts we need for our projects. The support from your team has been rock solid and I look forward to a continued successful business relationship with Millennium.”

Joe Montin


Kolram Access Services

Say goodbye to IT headaches, enhance data security, and scale effortlessly to meet your growth goals. With scalable and effective Cloud-Based security solution, your business can thrive in today's dynamic market.

Embark on Your SMB’s Cloud Journey Today! Explore our comprehensive guide to our single-door cloud-hosted solution and scale according to your growing needs.

Designed & Engineered Exceptionally

Millennium’s access control software is designed and developed to increase efficiency without increasing any cost, allowing remote management, and customized to your specific business needs.
  • Fully secure: Automatic software updates are essential to ensure that the access control system is up-to-date and that any potential vulnerabilities are handled. The cloud should be optimally patched. With a cloud-based access control system like Millennium Ultra, updates are carried out quickly resulting in increased security and efficiency.

  • Quick support: We are just a call or click away to offer support. Whether you are facing an issue with the hardware or just need help adjusting a user’s permissions, we are always there for you. With a cloud-based access control system, we can provide quick remote diagnostic action anywhere and at any time.

  • Cost- and time-effective: Cloud-based access control not only spares you from having to pay for your server, but operators can easily manage employee access by themselves without having to hire a dedicated IT team. Many functions related to cloud-based access control are either faster or completely automated, which also saves you time.

  • Scalability: Cloud-based access control software like Millennium Ultra lets you scale your business smoothly every time you expand to a new place or your facilities and employees grow in size. The software can process a high number of users while delivering a simplified experience.
visitor management

Unlimited number of locations can be managed by a single dashboard - Multi-site Management

The scalability & customizability of Millennium Ultra makes it the flawless security management solution for educational facilities, industries, healthcare facilities, stadiums, retail centers, financial institutions, etc.

Cloud-Based CCTV Management: Secure, Convenient, and Advanced

  • Protect Your Footage: Safeguard camera data with reliable cloud storage and backup.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Monitor camera feeds from anywhere using your smartphone.
  • Advanced Security Features: Utilize License Plate Recognition and Face Recognition for enhanced security.
  • Streamlined Management: Seamlessly integrate with access control systems and navigate premises with dynamic site maps.
  • 24/7 Monitoring: Receive real-time alerts and efficiently search and review footage for swift action.

Millennium Ultra with 2N® Intercom Integration

  • Millennium s Elevator Access Control System has a 3rd party integration – 2N intercom that enables a user to enter a building and get access to an elevator to reach the specified floor.
  • Through a contact list and call button, calling a building resident for authorization is a simple process.
  • The purpose of this integration is to control and manage building and elevator access to prevent the entry of unauthorized persons.

Mobile Optimized Cloud-Based Software

Millennium delivers contactless cloud-based access control through the comfort of your smartphone or tablet for easy premise access. A mobile credential acts as a key to provide you access in/out or across the facility.
  • Unparalleled convenience: Convenience and security are two of the major biggest benefits of cloud-based mobile access control systems.

End User Benefits


Automatic real-time updates to the hosted interface


Fully redundant backup and archiving included


Browser-based access anytime, anywhere


Little to no IT support required


Subscribers only pay for what they use


Remotely assign and revoke credentials

Why Millennium cloud-based solutions?

MGI’s suite of access control solution provides the technology for heightened security without feeling intrusive.

From small business to enterprise, Ultra easily scales to fit the need of any type of business

End-use friendly and available for operator settings

Dealer portal and client management software

The best-in-class cloud solution to secure your data with the best of Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud-hosted service

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