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Millennium’s cloud-hosted CCTV video surveillance is fully integratable with our Access Control System. Our CCTV solution combines video security, utilizing a fully hosted infrastructure with 24/7 system recording, intelligent reporting, and real-time information access. Empowering your team to make informed security decisions when it matters most.

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Our advanced video surveillance software called UltraCloud is designed to provide you with a comprehensive surveillance solution that delivers the highest level of security and control. With advanced features and cutting-edge technology, you can trust that our software will exceed your expectations.

Discover the power of UltraCloud integration with our access control system

Key Features

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Integrate With Our Access Control

Easily manage all CCTV features and functions from anywhere, through our Ultra software.

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– Access control events can trigger alarms, or notifications.

– Record footage whenever access is granted or denied.

– Easily manage your sites using cloud technology.

– View and listen to live or recorded video.

– Receive push alarm notifications.


Advanced Bandwidth Management With All Camera Support

Optimizes network performance by efficiently transmitting video data at any resolution and frame rate, with all camera support.

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– Customizable to meet specific security needs and preferences.

– Provide the best possible security coverage for your premises.

– Choose the camera models that work best for you.

– Ensures flexibility and versatility.

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View Recorded Clips Using Web Client

Automatically capture and save video footage of specific events or incidents based on predefined criteria.

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– Automatically capture and save a clip of the relevant footage.

– Improve overall situational awareness and response times.

– Set up triggers or alerts based on motion detection. 

– Quickly locate and analyze important video footage.

– Fully integrated with Ultra Access Control Software


Secure And Flexible Storage

Safely store all your camera footage and data in the cloud with reliable backup that won’t be affected by fires, floods, or forgetfulness.

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– Protect the privacy and security of your video footage.

    – All off-premises network protocols are TLS encrypted.

– Store video footage and data with MGI cloud storage.

– Software updates automatically applied to accounts.

– Ensure easy accessibility when needed.

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Simple Set-Up

Easy to set up with no network or internet changes.

Cloud-Hosted video surveillance suitable for all cameras and security applications

More Features

Pan/Tilt/Zoom Support

Allows the camera to be remotely controlled and adjusted to capture images from different angles and distances. Cameras can be moved horizontally (pan), vertically (tilt), and can also zoom in and out on specific areas of interest.

24/7 Video Monitoring

Capture 24/7 high definition continuous recording, around the clock, without interruption.

High-Speed Scrubbing

Able to quickly and easily navigate through recorded video footage to locate specific events or incidents.

Motion Detection

Allows the system to detect motion or movement in the field of view of a camera, and trigger an alert or recording based on that movement, whether it be a person, animal, object, etc.

Helps to quickly and efficiently locate relevant recorded video footage in response to incidents or investigations.

Panic Button

Able to quickly and easily trigger an alarm or emergency response through the surveillance system. Designed to provide an immediate and reliable means of alerting security personnel or emergency services to potential threats or incidents.

Cross Browsers Compatible

Displays and functions consistently across different web browsers and devices like tablet, laptop, computers and phones to provide a consistent user experience and reduce the likelihood of errors or issues.

Multiple Clients Support

Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of CCTV monitoring and surveillance by enabling multiple users to collaborate, share information, and respond to incidents

Real Time Alerts

Video Export

Allows users to extract video footage from a surveillance system and save it in a compatible format that can be viewed and analyzed on other devices or software.

Live Video

Enables users to access live video feeds from one or more cameras in the system. The video feeds may be viewed on a local monitor or display, or remotely through a web-based interface or mobile app.

Site Maps

Graphical representations of the physical layout of the premises or location where the cameras are installed. Helps to quickly locate specific cameras or areas of interest during an incident or emergency. 

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