Scalable Access Control for Manufacturing and Distribution Facilities

Enhance Security and Efficiency with Ease

Access Control for Factories

Access Control for Factories, Manufacturing Units, and Staff.

Tailor access permissions for workers based on their specific work schedules, ensuring only authorized personnel can enter restricted areas during designated times.

Seamlessly integrate equipment access with credentials for enhanced safety and process accountability, providing an additional layer of security for valuable machinery and assets.

Safeguard sensitive data housed in HR and accounting offices with robust access control measures, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring confidentiality.

Integrate CCTV cameras and alarm systems to provide comprehensive surveillance and rapid response to security incidents, minimizing the risk of vandalism and theft.

  1. Utilize Millennium Plexus to wirelessly connect all doors within your facility, overcoming challenges posed by high ceilings and hard-to-reach spaces, and ensuring seamless access control throughout the premises.


Experience the power of real-time alerts and actionable analytics, empowering you to respond swiftly to unexpected activity and optimize business operations for unparalleled efficiency and security across manufacturing and distribution facilities.

Our Customized Scalable Solutions are for every Manufacturer

MGI’s suite of access control solution provides the technology for heightened security without feeling intrusive.
Manufacturing and Distribution Facilities Security

Top-notch security for all departments

Restricted access

Get protection for multiple locations

Flexible and simple access control

Customize ID badges and entry permissions

Emergency lockdown

Features and Benefits of MGI


Eliminate re-keying and card reissue to save time and money


Install and manage with little effort plus expert technical support


Manage system remotely from anywhere with mobile connectivity


Add and remove sites and doors at anytime seamlessly


We recognize your needs and provide solutions accordingly


Secure backup, software updates, and reliable hardware

Attendance Management software by Millenium

Boosting Workforce Accountability with Time and Attendance Solution

We understand the critical role that efficient time and attendance management plays in the success of industrial businesses. With our comprehensive solutions, you can say goodbye to the challenges of inconsistent employee arrival and departure times. Our advanced time and attendance management system empowers you to track employee hours accurately, ensuring accountability and minimizing costly disruptions. By leveraging our innovative technology, you can effortlessly monitor employee attendance, identify patterns of lateness or early departures, and implement strategies to address these issues proactively.

Maximizing Security: CCTV, Alarm Integration, and Face Recognition with Millennium Ultra

We provide comprehensive surveillance coverage and enable rapid response to security incidents, significantly reducing the risk of vandalism and theft. Moreover, our face recognition feature enhances security even further by accurately identifying individuals and granting access based on predefined criteria. This innovative technology not only enhances security measures but also streamlines access control processes, ensuring only authorized personnel can enter restricted areas, thereby safeguarding your assets and promoting a secure work environment. Trust Millennium Ultra to elevate your facility’s security to new heights, providing peace of mind and unparalleled protection.

Maximizing Security by millennium ultra
Advanced Access Reports

Unlocking Insights with Advanced Access Reports for Enhanced Security

With our advanced reporting, Millennium provides detailed insights into access activity, facilitating tracking of access to doors, machines, equipment rooms, and important data rooms. These reports enable swift identification of unauthorized activity, enhancing security measures and ensuring compliance with regulations.

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