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Access Control for Apartment and Residential Buildings

Unlock the Power of our Cloud-Based Security Platform:

  • Remotely manage multiple properties from any mobile device with ease.
  • Quickly assign and revoke mobile credentials to ensure only authorized individuals can access gates.
  • Expand access control to previously inaccessible areas such as gates, delivery lockers, and more.
  • Implement immediate lockdown procedures via a hardwired button or mobile app for rapid response to emergencies.
  • Enable real-time monitoring and control of various door types, including entry, exit, cabinets, and lockers, by upgrading to wireless locks.
  • Enhance property protection with live video feeds and access to recorded clips for comprehensive surveillance.

Our Customized Solutions are for your Residential Building

MGI’s suite of access control solution provides the technology for heightened security without feeling intrusive.

Top-Notch Security With CCTV

Rave Management Mod

Integrated Mobile Connect

Flexible And Simple Access Control​

Gates Access Control

Smart Home Experience

Features and Benefits of MGI


Eliminate re-keying and card reissue to save time and money


Install and manage with little effort plus expert technical support


Manage system remotely from anywhere with mobile connectivity


Add and remove sites and doors at anytime seamlessly


We recognize your needs and provide solutions accordingly


Secure backup, software updates, and reliable hardware

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