Access Control for Government Facilities​

Helping protect public trust with Tailored Access Control Solutions for Government Buildings

Securing municipalities with flexible, reliable and scalable access control

  • Access control to secure the crew, equipment and facilities
  • Integrated ID badging system ensures that only approved persons can gain entry into buildings
  •  Create automatic lock and unlock schedules to save cost and reduce liability
  • Get insight into everyone who enters via events recording
  • Administer multiple buildings within single access control system with partitioning
  • Ability to trigger emergency lockdown in the face of threats and danger

Our Customized Solutions are for every Government Facilities

Millennium’s suite of access control solutions is designed to comply with all your safety regulations and allows you to provide reliable security with physical access control and video surveillance.

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Protection for fire stations

Security for libraries and learning centers

Protect the people who protect us

Protection for public officers

Access control for judiciary buildings

Protection of public places

Benefits of MGI for government and public facilities


Eliminate re-keying and card reissue to save time and money


Install and manage with little effort plus expert technical support


Manage system remotely from anywhere with mobile connectivity


Add and remove sites and doors at anytime seamlessly


We recognize your needs and provide solutions accordingly


Secure backup, software updates, and reliable hardware

I have been with Millennium since the Dos software version, then Windows and now Ultra. The hardware is some of the most reliable hardware in the industry and the software just keeps getting better, constantly introducing new features such as the mobile client and providing the flexibility to operate and open doors remotely. Now with cloud hosted I can give my customers immediate service, and keep them up to date and running

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