Your Knight's Journey to Gain Full Control in Security

Much like the knight on a chessboard, make the bold move with Ultra 8.0.0's state-of-the-art wireless handle. Explore how Millennium is expanding its product line, allowing you to navigate your access control with agility and precision



Welcome to the third step in our journey with Ultra 8.0.0 – your ultimate companion in security solutions. As promised, we’re diving deep into the powerful features of our innovative software.

Just as the knight on a chessboard adapts to various challenges, Ultra 8.0.0 equips your organization with versatile and dynamic access control, giving you the freedom and flexibility to master your security strategy

Take a moment to immerse yourself in the world of chess! Explore chess history and discover famous games that have shaped the sport. Just as you refine your strategic gameplay, you can learn from legendary matches to enhance your approach to access control.

Explore Chess History and Famous Games

So, what does your Knight's journey offer you?

Complementing Our Offerings for Comprehensive Solutions

Here's what you can expect:

A new addition to our product line works with Ultra software and your existing Millennium door access control hardware.

For challenging locations, our wireless handle provides the features you need while staying within the same Ultra software.

Two technologies, one software—MGI continuously innovates, delivering a complete and adaptable solution for modern access control.

  • Customizable Style: Choose from from a brushed stainless look or black to match your space’s aesthetics.
  • User-Centric Design: Millennium Ultra smart locks fits right into our software allowing the customer to use our user-friendly interface and enhanced features, providing a tailored access control experience.
  • Holistic Integration: These smart locks integrate effortlessly with existing Millennium’s security systems, providing a comprehensive, cohesive approach to safeguarding your property and enhancing daily life.

Ultra 8.0.0: A New Addition for those difficult or remote doors

Ultra 8.0.0 introduces a complementary wireless solution that works with our door control boards. Achieve a perfect balance of technologies for all-in-one access control.

Our wireless locks complement existing door control boards, offering a cohesive system that simplifies access management and enhances efficiency. MGI expands its product line to provide dealers and customers with the wireless product that uses the same software that our customers have come to count on.

Why Choose Millennium Ultra Solutions?

MGI continues to expand its offerings to provide dealers and users with a complete, integrated product line. Learn how our wireless locks complement your door controllers and stay within the same software for a seamless experience.

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Unveiling Ultra 8.0.0
The Future of Access Control

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Your knight may start from an unexpected position, but with Ultra 8.0.0, you can navigate your security strategy with precision and confidence.

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Stay tuned for our next email, where we’ll explore the next step in your journey—discovering the powerful capabilities of the rook.

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