Setting the Foundation and Preparing the Board with
Ultra 8.0.0

Before the game begins, we must set up the board, strategically placing each piece in its optimal position. Similarly, your journey with Ultra 8.0.0 starts with establishing a strong foundation for success.
We have upped the game

The story started

Get Ready to Change the Game.

Setting up the Foundation with Ultra 8.0.0: The first move in your journey to superior access control starts with preparing the board.

Just as a chess game begins by arranging each piece strategically, your organization can benefit immensely from building a strong foundation with Ultra 8.0.0.

With the board properly set up, you pave the way for efficient and effective management of your security landscape. This foundational preparation empowers your organization to play the game to win, making the most of Ultra 8.0.0’s capabilities.

Take a break and challenge yourself to a game of chess against an AI opponent! Test your skills and experience the thrill of strategic gameplay just as you prepare your access control strategy. Play Online Chess Against an AI on Lichess

So, how do you set up the board for a winning strategy?

Look Who's Here: Introducing Linux Support with Ultra 8.0.0

We are excited to announce a major upgrade in our software—Ultra 8.0.0 now proudly supports Linux! The friendly Linux penguin has joined the party, and we’re thrilled to offer you the flexibility and power that comes with our new Linux compatibility. Our software now offers both a Windows and Linux operating system, giving you the freedom to choose the platform that best suits your needs.

What This Means for You

By embracing the Linux operating system, Ultra 8.0.0 opens up new possibilities for your access control management. Here’s how this change benefits you:

Millennium Ultra 8.0.0 Software can now utilize the most powerful technologies available in the Linux ecosystem.

Customers can benefit from the free Linux operating system and low-cost Ultra server computers for local installations.

Now you can run Ultra 8.0.0 on both Linux and Windows operating systems, offering you more flexibility and integration options.

Our move to .NET Core optimizes the software’s efficiency, making your experience smoother.

With dual compatibility, you can choose the operating system that best suits your organization’s needs and workflow.


Seamless Integration and Security Features with Resting API

Ultra 8.0.0 offers a long list of well-known integrations that make our software an exceptional choice. We continue to expand our integrations to cater to your specific needs and provide an all-encompassing solution. Let us know if there’s a particular integration you prefer to enhance your workflow. At Millennium Group, we strive to tailor Ultra 8.0.0 to your preferences for a seamless access control experience.

Ready to Make the Switch?

We are committed to providing the best possible experience for our users, and this shift toward Linux compatibility is a testament to that promise. Whether you are new to our software or a long-time user, we believe that this addition will empower your organization like never before.

Get ready to experience the benefits of Linux support in Ultra 8.0.0! Stay tuned for more exciting updates and features that continue to push the boundaries of access control innovation.

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Every great journey starts with a strong foundation. In the world of access control, that foundation is established by preparing the board with Ultra 8.0.0.

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