Discover Your Pawn's Path to Security Success with Ultra 8.0.0

Guide Your Strategy with a New User Interface and New Integrations

The game started

Get Ready to Change the Game.

Welcome to the Second step of our journey with “Ultra 8.0.0” – your ultimate companion in security solutions. As promised, we’re diving straight into our innovative software, starting with your pawn’s path to success.

Just like a pawn on a chessboard, your organization may sometimes feel limited in its capabilities when it comes to security. But with “Ultra 8.0.0,” your pawn becomes a powerful player in the game of protection and defense.

Why not sharpen your skills with chess strategies and tactics? Discover new moves as you prepare your security approach. Lessons

So, what does your pawn's path entail?

New User Interface

Enjoy an intuitive user interface that simplifies access control management, helping you and your team navigate the software with ease.

What’s New?

From the moment you load the new version, you’ll notice a fresh look and feel throughout the product. Optimizations have been implemented to make repeated use more intuitive and seamless.

Ultra 8.0.0 features a modern DockPanel layout that allows operators to organize their Access Control and CCTV workspace in a more user-friendly manner.

MGI has refreshed all icons with new colors and updated designs to meet marketplace standards. You will also notice many new icons that highlight the latest features.

MGI offers two standard color schemes: one with a light background and the other with a black background. New to our software is the ability to customize color options for specific events and preferences.

In Ultra 8.0.0, we have improved the Event/Alarm Grid color schematic and provided the capability to save different schematics. Now, each operator can select one they prefer or create their own.

Tableau Integration

MGI is excited to expand into more integrations, including our newest offering exclusively for Ultra 8.0.0 and above.

Harness the power of your access control data with Tableau and bring AI-powered insights to your team. This integration is enabled through our data analytics management module, allowing you to present data in a clear and understandable way for smarter decision-making.

Why is this beneficial:

  • Empower Your Team With AI: Access comprehensive data and AI-driven insights to guide strategic planning.
  • Visualize Data Effectively: Create dynamic visualizations that provide a clearer understanding of your security environment.
  • Enhance Decision-Making: Use tailored dashboards to help your team make informed and timely decisions.

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Bosch Access Control Integration

Take your security to the next level with seamless integration with Bosch, boosting your defense and control capabilities.

Why is this good

MGI has expanded its integrations with Bosch products, providing a range of benefits:

  • Enhanced Dealer Offerings: Offer more comprehensive services to your customers.
  • Real-Time Emergency Response: Access control responds instantly to emergencies on site.
  • Arm/Disarm Areas: Use Access Control events (such as card swipes or door unlocks) to arm or disarm your site areas.
  • Monitor Intrusion Panel Events/Alarms: Operators can monitor intrusion events and alarms alongside ACS events.


We also offer DMP integration, and if there is a specific system you need, please let us know—we may be able to accommodate it.

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Your pawn may start at the bottom of the chessboard, but with “Ultra 8.0.0” by your side, the possibilities are endless. Together, we’ll navigate through challenges and emerge victorious.

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