Rook's Ascent to Guarded Towers

Command Your Defense with Keypad Readers for Elevators and Powerful Historical Log Archiving Subsystem with Ultra 8.0.0

The story started


Welcome to the fourth exhilarating in our journey with Ultra 8.0.0—your ultimate companion in security solutions. As promised, we’re diving deep into the innovative features of our software. Get ready to be amazed as we dive into the cutting-edge features of our software. Just three moves left until we unveil the grand finale! Stay tuned, because the best is yet to come!

Just as the rook on a chessboard commands its domain, Ultra 8.0.0 empowers your organization with advanced software for elevator keypad readers and a improved historical log archiving subsystem. These features give you strategic control and optimized access, reinforcing the security of your property.

Take a moment to explore strategic gameplay! Learn chess openings and boost your approach to access control.

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So, how does Rook's Ascent lead you to elevated security?

Enhance Security and Control with One-Time Passcodes

With Ultra 8.0.0’s elevator keypad readers, you can set specific access permissions for different users and levels. This granular control over elevator access ensures that only authorized individuals can reach certain floors, significantly enhancing the security of your property.

Why is this beneficial:

  • Enhanced Security Measures: By providing temporary access, you can restrict entry to certain floors, bolstering the overall safety of your property.”
  • Tailored Access: Issue unique, one-time passcodes to visitors, ensuring precise control over their access.
  • Granular Control: Assign tailored permissions to control elevator access with precision.
  • Strengthened Security: Restrict access to certain floors, enhancing overall property safety.

Experience the Power of Ultra 8.0.0's Enhanced Archiving

Ultra has always offered a powerful archiving subsystem, allowing you to keep historical data for over 10 years. However, retrieving data from text archive files for reports or display sometimes took longer than desired.

With Ultra 8.0.0, you can now redirect archiving to a separate MS SQL database (or multiple databases). This enhancement allows you to generate reports up to 10 times faster, making it incredibly useful for large sites with 500 doors or more.

Elevate Your Security with Ultra 8.0.0

Imagine your property as a fortress, with each floor representing a crucial stronghold. With Ultra 8.0.0’s precision elevator control and advanced logging, you command access with unwavering authority and gain unprecedented insight into past events. Ready to revolutionize your security strategy?

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Just as the rook commands its territory on the chessboard, Ultra 8.0.0 empowers you to assert strategic control over your security landscape with precision and confidence.

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Stay tuned for our next email, where we’ll explore the next step in your journey—discovering the Bishop’s Climb to secure checkpoints.

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