How to Find the Right Installer for Your Business

What things to keep in mind while choosing an installer for your business?

When your business is ready to take the next step, one crucial task is installing a security system for your office. This blog guides you through essential considerations to ensure a well-informed choice for this vital decision. Discover key insights to keep in mind as you select the ideal security system installer for your business.

Understand the security needs of your building

Depending on the property where your business is situated, you’ll have to understand what your major security needs are. These may include:

  • Access control and manage the visitors
  • Property video cameras should cover
  • Audio 
  • Sensors on windows, doors, etc
  • Video cam property management
  • Do  video cameras have to be visible, outdoor, indoor or both
  • Integrated safety measures for smoke, fire, water, etc

Once you have clarity on these aspects, you’ll find it easier to get an estimate and discuss various security details and solutions with your desired potential access control security control providers.

Different types of security systems

There are different types of security systems available in the market. So, it is essential to decide which one best suits your business needs and demands. Some of the different types are:

  • A cloud-based security system

A cloud-based security system stores all your security data in the cloud. So, your data is easily accessible from anywhere. In any emergency situation, you’ll be able to mediate if the need arises. Moreover, it allows software updates and significantly decreases your maintenance requirements.

  • A hybrid security system 

a hybrid option lets you access your data from any remote location without the internet. However, you’ll have to spend more because you have to run security software as well as perform on-premises maintenance.

Going for a wired or wireless system affects the aesthetics, convenience, and costs of the system. With wireless systems, you don’t have to deal with the wires all around you but they need a connection and are prone to hacking. Wired systems are implementation friendly if the building was planned at the time of construction.

No matter which system you end up using, you have to contemplate power backup in case of power outages.

Features of the security system

Technology has a lot of options and solutions. Below given are several features you should look for while choosing an access security system.

Video Security

Video feed and cameras allow you to give access to your offices and also check on your property on a regular basis whenever it is necessary. Cam feeds have to be integrated with the smart lock access, which is an amazing choice for everyone but especially for those who are often away from their office. Usually, video cams are installed where valuables, important documents, or data are stored. Apart from these places, it is placed at the entrance and exit points in order to facilitate touchless access for your business.

Monitor or not?

While exploring door access control solutions, your major motive has to be to find a system that limits access to unauthorized people, at the same time offering secure but convenient entry for the authorized ones. One thing you need to check is if the system is remotely monitored or not. The remote feature enables you to open doors for employees or guests and limit areas and also makes you capable of monitoring your building even when you’re not on the same premises.

One has to pay a certain amount on a monthly basis for remote monitoring. But, trust us the amount you pay is worth its services because automated requests are sent to the first respondents and also to the local law enforcement when there is an emergency. An unmonitored system is more affordable but then you have to monitor each and every event in real-time in the same building.         

Remote Control with a Mobile App

The internet today has given us a superpower to control and manage situations and things from a distance. In addition to the internet, the superpower goes to an application on your smartphone or tablet. This app will let you work on your security system’s needs. You’ll in turn get flexibility, convenience, and plenty of peace of mind.

Physical Safety Options

Environmental safety is always one of the foremost priorities. An effective security approach would be one that includes carbon monoxide detection, smoke, fire, water as well as other environmental factors. With this, your security system will alert you and also the first responders.

Energy Consumption and Operating Time

You need to decide if you want your system to run 24/7 or only for a specific duration. This will tell you about your energy consumption especially when multiple systems are integrated into one operating system.

Your budget

Knowing how much you can spend on your system is very important. You can choose from a variety of service plans and price tags. Your planned budget will help you filter out many options, in terms of high or low prices. Then, you’ll be left with a narrow range of options.

Businesses in the early stages may want to or need to cut some of their initial operating or investment costs. However, don’t cut any costs at the expense of your security. The property and the lives both will depend on it. In case you choose a long-term service contract, there are chances that you don’t have to pay a fat amount upfront because many providers are ready to spread the amount over the term of the service.

Benefits of Access Security System

1. Simplified Management

This is the top benefit of the access control system. It simplifies the management process of handling credentials of your employees, tracking, and security. 

2. Track Every Activity

Once you have installed an access control system, tracking every activity will become so easy and simple for you. This includes activities from your employees or even visitors, guests, and delivery persons.

3. Adjust Access Times

The modern access control systems make it easier for you to set specific access times for anyone including your employees, visitors, or even groups of people coming to meet you. You can adjust the security times within a few seconds of the time span.

4. No keys

In case you are done with a bunch of keys and tracking them, then surely it’s time to shift to an access control system. You’ll no longer feel anxious about roping or sharing the keys.

5. Streamline Entrance and Exit

Access control security systems are a must when you want to know who is coming and going into your office. Track and monitor the traffic without using any manual labor. It is time-savvy as well, so you can focus on the work that is actually important for the growth of your business.     

Opting for a Security System Provider

When you are fully clear about what your business’ access control needs are, then your task is to find an installer. Start with exploring professional security system providers. Ask your business colleagues and friends for referrals and seek client reviews as well as references.

While opting, go for those firms which are capable of offering the type of security you need and for what type of property you want it.

Access control system helps you have peace of mind while giving maximum protection.

In today’s intricate realm of property management, the challenges of overseeing day-to-day building operations and intricate systems can be daunting. Large properties often magnify inefficiencies, escalate operating expenses, and hinder the adoption of cutting-edge technology.

Enter Building Management Systems (BMS), a solution designed to address these complexities and empower property owners. This article delves into the features and advantages that BMS brings to the table, shedding light on how they streamline operations and optimize performance.

Definition of Building Management System

Before we delve into the rich array of features and benefits that Building Management Systems (BMS) offer, it’s important to establish a clear definition. A Building Management System, or Building Automation System, is a computer application designed to oversee an array of mechanical and electronic systems within a structure.

Akin to a conductor orchestrating a symphony, a BMS exercises control over crucial systems such as HVAC, lighting, energy consumption, and fire safety. A built-in analytics module allows real-time monitoring of usage patterns, enhancing your ability to make informed decisions.

Unpacking BMS Features and Functionality

Imagine a “mission control” for your physical building – that’s what a BMS embodies. You can access a sophisticated BMS via your computer dashboard, offering user-friendly navigation and graphics. Whether on a dedicated device or your computer, the interface provides enhanced security measures such as password protection. It’s flexible too, enabling configuration of daily or seasonal schedules for all connected utilities.

The BMS serves as the nexus linking various building systems, providing a centralized interface for managing disparate elements. Its core functionalities include:

1. Illuminating Insights: Effortlessly control and monitor lighting, while tracking energy consumption to facilitate informed decision-making. Receive alerts prompting timely bulb replacements, and even schedule outdoor lights to illuminate automatically at night.

2. Enhanced Security: Seamlessly integrate with alarm systems and security cameras, enabling real-time tracking and management to safeguard your property.

3. Fire Safety and Sprinkler System: While primarily for monitoring, the BMS can collaborate with security systems to handle fire alarm panels, ventilation systems, and elevators during emergencies.

4. Access Control: Oversee access points to facilities like parking garages and pools, providing a robust amenity management solution.

5. Climate Optimization: Take charge of heating, air conditioning, and air handling systems to ensure optimal comfort and efficiency.

What are the benefits of BMS?

A BMS is an amazing technology and it is much more than just a designer interface. 

Applying a building management system can get substantial results for the satisfaction of your guests and also environmental impact. Let us see some major benefits:

  • It brings a more comfortable experience for your employees and guests. As you configure every day and also seasonal schedules for lights, air quality, and climate control, you would be able to make sure everyone is comfortable all the time. let’s take an example, you can schedule to turn on the ACS when the gym opens, but you can also turn on the fans when it is peak time when there are more people in the gym.

  • Better energy management lowers utility expenses and increases the life of your system. Scheduling the lights to turn on and off is much cheaper and more efficient rather than switching on the lights all the time or telling an employee to do so. Real-time tracking also warns you about issues early, the BMS alerts you about an old air filter than when the filter fails.

  • Integrating BMS with other systems adds value to it. This allows you to have a flawless data flow. A very useful integration is with a business intelligence application so you can categorize the massive amount of data that BMS produces about logs of electrical, mechanical events, or utility usage. Such integrations help you make BMS data into useful and actionable information.

  • These are more user-friendly rather than standalone systems. It may sound simple but using a single integrated system has plenty of benefits compared to standalone systems. Learning to operate BMS is easier than how to learn operating the lighting system, the security alarm system, the HVAC system, and more. As BMS is more user-friendly, it performs tasks more quickly and decreases the risks of human mistakes.

  • Better energy management decreases your carbon footprint as well. While you not only become more efficient regarding utility and staffing costs but getting information about your energy usage helps you decrease usage in ways you might not have even imagined. For instance, if you have a 24×7 gym, but nobody uses it between midnight to 5 a.m., your BMS understands this and will turn off your AC and dim your lights during those hours. this saves you money and is good for our environment also.

How to choose the Best Building Management System?

There are different types of building management systems such as CMMS, CAFM, and so on. So, it is quite normal to get confused while choosing the best BMS. To save you time and energy, we offer you some tips that you should follow while buying a building automation system.

  • Easy implementation

To be brutally honest, there are some software systems in the market that are full of coded programs which are not only pretty tough to understand but also not useful for your needs. So, you must select the system which offers easy implementation. In case you go for a heavily coded complicated system, it will make onboarding as well as the implementation of the building management system a tiring process.

Moreover, you need to make sure all the staff members are well trained to operate the building management system and they properly follow the instructions given to them regarding this. If you spend your time explaining the system, again and again, you’ll not get any productive results. Hence, no matter which software you choose, make sure it is compatible with your needs. 

  • Future requirements

Another thing that you need to keep in mind while buying a building management system is to consider your future requirements. Changing automation software every 6 months or 2 months is out of the question. If you change it every now and then, it cost you heavily in terms of your money, time, and energy. Before you buy a building management system, you should write down the goals which you want to accomplish with the help of this software. The building management system that you buy should aid your operations running smoothly.

Building management systems promise you easy maintenance, accurate reports, and efficiency which makes your building safe and secure. Automation is seen as the future of efficiency and as the software comes into the light; the development will be more rapid and easy.  



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