Why schools should switch to Mobile Credentials during the Pandemic

Year by year our dependence on mobile technology continues to increase. It is the start of a new decade and definitely, technology will upgrade.  As our society becomes more reliant on mobile technology, adopting mobile credentials into your security system can make your facilities be more reliable, run efficiently, and provide a great experience. According to the CDC, an individual may get COVID-19 by coming in to contact with a contaminated surface or device, and then touching their mouth, nose, or eyes. Smartphone credentials limit contact for access control to a smartphone typically touched and used only by its owner. Granting access to secured places requires the administrator’s presence. This can be difficult or frustrating for both the user and the administrator. Mobile Connect makes it easy to command the card/phone readers.  Authorized personnel can log in, unlock doors grant or revoke access to a specific location from their comfort zones. Mobile Connect provides increased security, enables ease of operation and the flexibility to easily access doors by approved users. All Mobile Connect credentials are securely managed through the Millennium software platform and are easily assigned through the administrator to all mobile-enabled teachers, students or employees in a school. We provide customized access control systems for primary, secondary, and post-secondary educational institutions. Access control for educational institutions often come with special integration requirements for components such as student IDs. At Millennium Group, we work hard to accommodate your unique range of access control requirements and can implement systems based on the different types of users and their status and permissions within the school. In these turbulent times, however, we strongly recommend our Mobile Connect system. Choose Millennium Group Inc. to provide you with the best Access Control System for your organization.

The Power Of Mobile Credentials: 3 Great Reasons To Switch

  Our society’s reliance on mobile technology is ever-growing, and as we enter a new decade, mobile technology becomes an integral part of our daily lives. Embracing the power of mobile credentials in your security system can enhance the reliability, efficiency, and customer experience of your facilities. Here are three reasons to adopt our Mobile Credentials: 1. Grant Guests Temporary Access Every facility receives guests and visitors, and providing them with temporary access can be a complex process. The traditional method of creating access key cards consumes time and effort. However, with the introduction of mobile credentials like Millennium Mobile Connect, you can effortlessly grant temporary access to all guests. The system allows you to customize schedules and access level permissions, ensuring guests are limited based on the criteria you set. 2. Convenience for Administrators and End-Users Certain facilities require an administrator’s physical presence to grant access to secured rooms, leading to time loss and frustration for both customers and administrators. Millennium’s Mobile Connect Credentials solves this problem by enabling remote door opening and access granting. Authorized personnel can log in from anywhere and conveniently unlock doors or revoke access to specific locations.   3. Prioritize Favorite Locations Millennium Mobile Connect empowers users to prioritize their frequently used doors, creating a personalized experience. The app allows customization based on preferences, making door access unique for each individual. As mobile technology advances, so does access control technology, making authorization, permissions, and door control highly flexible. The use of encryption and secure connections on smartphones ensures that Millennium Mobile Connect is a secure solution. Users can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their information is safe, and they no longer need to worry about losing keys. Secure your facilities and embrace the future of mobile credential technology with Millennium‘s cutting-edge Ultra Mobile Connect. Click here to install the app. 


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