Reduce Theft in Your Retail Store With Access Control

Shoplifter stealing bar of chocolate in a supermarket

More than a dozen states began emerging from their coronavirus lockdowns, leaving business owners, workers and consumers to decide what normal means now. Unfortunately, before the pandemic retail stores have always been vulnerable to theft and are still much vulnerable. That’s because these stores have two things every thief wants in a hurry: valuables and cash.

However, retail store owners/managers can easily fight back against theft by implementing certain security measures and protocols. An Access control is used to identify an individual, authenticate them, and then permit the individual entrance.

Here are some security measures that retail stores should implement include:

• Installing security cameras
• Using security mirrors
• Installing entrance alert sensors
• Training employees
• Posting signage

Throughout this blog, we’ll closely look at each of these security measures and how they can help to reduce theft in retail stores.

Security measure #1: Installing security cameras

Security cameras help you keep an eye on the entire store, whether you’re on property or not.
Depending on your business needs, you can choose to simply steam video footage in real-time to help you monitor and catch any theft as it happens or you can record and store footage to help authorities track down thieves after the crime is committed.

Cameras that are placed in highly visible areas where they can be seen by potential thieves/shoplifters can help prevent crime before it ever occurs.

Security measure #2: Use security mirrors

No matter how big or small the space, your retail store likely has multiple “blind spots. Strategically-placed security cameras can help you keep an eye out, even when you’re busy helping other guests.

These round/dome-shaped mirrors (often called convex mirrors), allow you to see hidden or hard-to-see areas that would normally be out of view. These mirrors also help deter thieves from committing crimes by placing their every move on display.

Security measure #3: Install entrance alert sensors

Entrance/exit alert sensors have two clear advantages:
They let your staff know when someone enters the store so that they can be visible and vigilant
They alert potential shoplifters to the fact that their presence is known, which makes them less likely to steal in the first place

The last thing any thief wants is attention. These sensors work by projecting a loud chime or bell noise when it senses some entering or exiting the store. This prevents potential shoplifters from slipping in/out unnoticed and will make them think twice about attempting any sort of theft.

Security measure #4: Train employees

All staff members should be trained on how to spot and respond to theft. With everyone on the same page and knowing what to look for, stores stand a better chance of effectively combating theft.
A few common practices employees should learn in order to prevent theft include:
Being extra vigilant during busier hours
Closely monitoring customers with backpacks, bulky clothing or large handbags
Taking notice of customers who seem to be more focused on watching employees
Looking for signs of nervousness or odd behavior
Casually approach any suspicious customers and offer assistance

Security measure #5: Post signage

Posting anti-theft signs lets thieves and customers know that the store is under constant watch/surveillance. This can be a cheap and very effective way to discourage theft.
Keep in mind, though, that it’s important to place these signs strategically, where they can’t be missed. Placing signs right on the front window/door as well as in dressing rooms or back areas/hard-to-monitor places in the store is a good start.
You can typically purchase anti-theft signage from any security company or you can make them yourself (to save money). However, beware of any copyright infringement if you make your own signs.

Security measure #6: Keep the store organized

Shoplifters love disorganized stores because it makes it very hard for staff to quickly spot missing items. That said, it’s in your best interest to maintain a neat and organized shop.
When your store is organized, potential shoplifters will be less likely to take an item, for fear that staff will quickly notice missing items.

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