A Complete Guide on Parking Access Control

A Complete Guide on Parking Access Control

The parking access control systems help track the influx and efflux of vehicles to manage a parking facility. Usually, employees or automated machines manage the parking system. When a parker reaches the parking space the barrier gate arm is in the down position. The parker is required to present a valid credential at the entry box and once it is verified the gate arm opens. With the advancement in technology, the use of automated machines is increasing in the parking facility as it is helpful for the owners as well as the user. So, in this article, we’ll learn a few important aspects of the parking access control system. What is Automated Parking Access Control System?  A parking access control system is an ultimate solution that allows parking facility owners to manage the parking, restrict access to parking, and make a profit. The key components of the parking system are – physical parking access, a valid way to control the access, and a payment system. The parking access control system uses two effective methods for managing the parking area – access control devices and managing and tracking software. In automated access control machines generate tickets with a unique bar code, QR code, or magnetic strip. Also, the automated parking system keeps a track of the traffic passing through a parking lot.  The machines hand out tickets with time stamps and unique coders at the entrance and another machine scans the ticket and receives payment at the exit card. This process can be done either with the electronic system (fully automated parking system) or a hybrid that involves humans as well as machines (semi-automated car parking system). The automated parking system is an efficient, convenient, and time-saving method that helps improve the safety of the parking area. The parking facility owners looking for specialized parking solutions and aiming to achieve parking goals should rely on the automated parking access system. Also Read: Why Invest in an Access Control System for Your House Safety? Parking Access Control Systems Explained  Generally, there is a parking attendant at the parking location who gives access to the parkers. But it is a time-intensive process. To eliminate this problem there are various types of parking access systems that control the access to a car parking space. Here we have explained a few parking access control systems you should know about.  Key/Remote – It is a suitable system for permanent or mid-term users. Though it is a convenient method it may not work well with short-term users because handing out keys can be a hassle. Also, it is not a safe method as a key can be easily lost and continuously be used by the fraudulent. Keycard or Key Tag – It is similar to the remote system as it requires the same amount of work like the installation of an RFID reader. However, it is the users may experience a certain level of security with this system as the cards are blocked and denied access when lost. Keypad – In this system the users enter a parking area via personal/general codes. Also, the installation is easier and similar to the keycard. However, it may require a bit more space. This is a suitable method for short-term users too as code be easily provided to anyone. Codes can also be automated, scheduled to be used within certain times, and blocked. The keypad system is quite popular in apartments or office buildings which often receive visitors. License Plate Recognition – A popular, convenient, and time-efficient parking system which involves license plate recognition or LPR. There is a camera connected to the barrier and the barrier opens when a car with a registered license plate enters. Another good thing about this system is that it is easy to keep track of the amount of time spent in the garage. In addition, registering the new license plates is also easy with this system.  Phone Number Recognition – It is similar to the keypad system with a personal code. The users are required to call a specific number which triggers the opening of the barrier. So, only verified users with their phones are allowed to enter this system which helps ensure safety. Users can be added to the system via booking. In addition, this system is food for short-term, mid-term, as well as long-term users. Mobile Button – This system is a user-friendly way to enter or exit parking and it can be sent to the user upon making a reservation. Though it also sounds similar to the keypad code system it does not require a bulky device at the entrance of the parking. The mobile button can also be a part of an app and help register a start time and end time. They have parking management software or tool which can keep a track of timeslots, stamps, and availability of the car park.  Advantages of Automation  Operating the parking lot business is a complex task. but, integrating automated parking with an access control system may be helpful for the facility owners. Here’s why one should consider incorporating automated machines in the parking lot.  It is beneficial for the parking facility owners as automation help save payroll costs. When a machine is used for issuing tickets, directing traffic, and collecting payments, there is no need to employ the staff.  Another benefit is a decrease in revenue leakage. Installing machines can avoid thefts by employees and other mishaps at the parking facility due to a lack of attention.  Data plays a vital role in any type of operation and a parking facility is not an exception. The automated system helps maintain records as the machine documents all transactions giving access to data to the owners.  Conclusion  Every location is unique so there can be no one size fits all approach is creating a perfect parking access control system. However, the mix of the components mentioned in this article can be helpful in preparing an ideal parking access system. In addition, the needs of the user and ease of use


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