Elevator Trends: Progression of Stairwells From Mechanical to Automation and Advance Security

Simple transportation machinery was invented in 1743, and its modernization began in the 19th century. The older elevators were mechanical, of lower quality and they were operated by either being pulled by an animal or a semi-motorized assembly controlled by humans. Belt-driven elevators were used in the beginning, later elevators used steam engines and even oil-water hydraulic systems. Now, with coming of age, we have advanced, connecting skyscrapers, floors after floors with the help of the automated elevator technology and also doubling up with the integration of security systems both inside and outside the elevators. We are building more and more skyscrapers than ever before. Therefore, the use of elevators in those structures is increasingly growing. As a result, the usage of access control and security systems has risen significantly. Hotels, offices, hospitals, and even malls have begun to integrate the use of access cards for their guests and employees, and elevators are now equipped with surveillance cameras to avoid any unforeseeable and inhuman incidents. According to research, the demand for elevators has increased, and with it, the demand for access security systems has increased as well. What’s New and Trending in Elevator Security? With the modernization of the elevators, new security specifications are being added to the software to make them more robust and flexible to meet the changing access control needs in buildings. Millennium spent more than two decants in R&D to understand the ever-shifting needs of the customers and constantly upgraded itself in the elevator industry. This led MGI to integrate the new elevator technology with the trending elevator security system that stood the test of time for the last 25 years into launching advanced elevator security that is both hardware reliable and allows seamless software integration. The new elevator features are: The hardware components of the board are of top quality. Millennium provides a relatively compact design with a faster and better working unit. Millennium has reduced the size of its part as hardware has improved, resulting in a design that is condensed and simple to install. As the processor used by the MGI is quick and steady, it ensures easy and fast updates to the hardware, making it smooth to operate. How to choose the best Elevator Access Security Solution? In order to choose an access security solution that perfectly fits your requirements, you must look for the following features: Ease of Use: In all workspaces, user-friendly equipment is favored. The convenience decreases complexity and also saves time. Taking this into account, Millennium provides its customers with a variety of pre-engineered boards that are lightweight, pre-wired, feature with the latest hardware, and are relatively simple to mount and install. Flexible: This is a critical element. A better user interface leads to better results and reflects the flexibility of the product. Millennium’s software called Millennium Ultra 5.0.0 is smart and performance-driven. In addition, the software added the following new features: Network addition for compatibility (coming soon) Smoother working with or without a network connection New design to integrate multiple boards together Reliable: It is an important factor when choosing a security system. Millennium’s Elevator hardware system security has proven to be reliable and is still the most desired solution in the market, acknowledged by the dealers. New products are released with the same reliability as older products, and all of the previously popular features are improved and reintroduced in the newer products. MGI stands out in the elevator industry due to the high quality and specifications of its goods. They design software-integrated elevators that are simple to operate and provide the best results. The software they use is backward compatible and offers the most versatility. The installation is easy, and these elevator systems provide the highest level of reliability. With all of these facilities in place, MGI makes a strong impression on the industry. Read more about: Hardware Reliability in Access Control Smartphone door open system- Mobile Connect Cloud-hosted access control CCTV video software integrations Biometric door open systems


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