Top Access Control Trends for 2022

Top Access Control Trends for 2022

Access control system or ACS refers to the electronic security system. It involves the use of an identifier like an access card to authorize people to enter certain areas. Earlier there used to be mechanical keys for the physical access control but they had various flaws and limitations. The access control system facilitates automated approval for authorized personnel to enter through a secure portal. It does not require a security officer to review or validate the authorization of the person entering.  The access control system plays a vital role in maintaining the overall security of an organization. It is designed to reduce both criminal behavior and violation of the security policies of the organization. Apart from the security this system help manage occupancy and give businesses greater control and transform building access into a seamless experience for both user and operators. So, in this article, we’ll share the top emerging access control trends for 2022. Remote Management – It remained critical during the pandemic 2020 and with the emergence of hybrid work models, it will continue to be a trend even in 2022. Remote management help allow companies to follow a flexible work schedule ensuring that the workplace is safe, secure, and healthy. When vendors, contractors, and employees forget their credentials in the building, the remote door unlock system is useful for them. So, this system helps make a streamlined, efficient workplace with less investment. In addition, it helps save the time of building a management team as they can oversee the business security from anywhere.  Cloud-Based Access Control System – Some of the major benefits of cloud-based systems are – the control of multiple sites in a central location, and better response to breaches and security incidents. As a result, in recent times, most companies have systems running in the cloud. So, with cloud-based access control, it becomes easier to access permission from anywhere. Even a user can unlock the door remotely whenever required. It eliminates the problem of having multiple physical credentials and communication between multiple teams.  Smart Automation – Though automation is an under-utilized access control trend it can streamline the process making operations smoother and more efficient. By leveraging the integrations for smart automation there is no need of logging into 5 different building systems. The building managers can control all 5 from a single interface. Thus, integrated building management systems can help create better workplace experiences. Moreover, it is also expected that most organizations will take advantage of artificial intelligence for integrated security in 2022.  Seamless Mobile Experience – The physical access control trends are shifting to the digital. So, mobile badges will continue to replace traditional key cards and fobs in 2022. As a result, more organizations are investing in making mobile technology reliable and secure. The mobile badge help add visual identity, and verification, and it is customizable which means it can show the identifiers like title, group, or vaccination status. The success control in the mobile space includes faster unlocks for wired and wireless door locks and a reliable entry via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC technology. Touchless Technology – The touch-based technology was domaining in various sectors before the pandemic. But, after Covid-19 things changed which held to a shift in the perception of touch. Now, a touchless system is a need in every space including access control. It is a more hygienic, convenient, and modern way of navigating the building. The good thing is that mobile and digital technologies have simplified the process of creating a touchless entry experience for users. So, touchless technology comes with less maintenance, less wear and tear on the hardware, and greater peace of mind.  Multi-Factor Authentication and Biometrics – The multi-factor authentication and biometrics are important for security. As criminals and hackers are becoming more sharp, creative, and the ambitious security breach has become a common problem. With multi-factor authentication, it’s hard to use a cloned credential or password to gain unauthorized entry which makes it a safer option. So, incorporating this trend can prevent the common vulnerabilities identified in recent access control breach cases. Combining Video and Access Control – One of the most powerful access control trends of 2022 is video access control. The video surveillance cameras help verify what’s happening visually. In this technology, the video cameras are embedded into the door reader which let security teams see what’s happening at the door. However, storing video footage is a challenge with this trend. But there is no need to purchase additional equipment for storage as cloud-based video storage can help make things easier. It ensures to keep all the data is secure on an offsite, managed server. Also, with this system, it becomes easier to respond to security incidents faster and more accurately as video and access data are housed in a single dashboard. Smart Buildings – The already existing smart buildings are expected to get even smarter in 2022. As more systems are becoming digital and mobile, more data is available and accessible. Updating everything remotely can help future-proof the technology investment. The access control readers and panels installed at every door adapt the security and safety postures of the buildings instantly as they automatically receive the new software features overnight. Automating the tasks is crucial to boost efficiency, productivity, and responsiveness even before somebody enters the door, and IoT and the cloud are making it possible. In the coming times, other systems like lighting and HVAC may also be automated for sustainable and efficient operations. Conclusion  The access control system is a type of physical security which protect property or business from vandalism, theft, or trespassing. New and innovative ways are important to safeguard spaces, protect sensitive information, and create a frictionless experience. Contactless technologies evolved during the pandemic to keep surfaces bacteria-free. But now they are here to stay. The future of access control is all about protecting data and restricting access faster with greater reliability. So, organizations should adopt access control technology to maximize efficiency and security. 


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