New York City Agency Case Study

Access Control Security For a New York City Agency

M.Zion Security Systems was approached by a major department of the New York City Government for help finding solutions to upgrade their access control security and M.Zion turned to Millennium, their partner for over 30 years for innovative, flexible and secure systems.


Take over stand-alone access control installations at various locations within a New York City agency and replace with an integrated expandable solution.


“Their facilities had outdated stand-alone access control units that were increasingly difficult to manage.,” said Bruce Brooks, Design Engineer, at M. Zion Security Systems. “We started with an upgrade of the existing locations. Millennium Ultra was selected, as it met all of the agency’s requirements with a
seamless upgrade path allowing for any future expansion.” “After the successful implementation of the initial upgrade, we have begun the expansion of the system into the next phase. Due to logistical issues in areas such as stairwells, we plan on using the new wireless Plexus platform. This will eliminate the need to use unsightly pipe and wire mold. Additionally, this will greatly reduce installation costs for the end user.”

Millennium Group’s access control systems was the best choice for a NY city department’s security.

Featured Products

Millennium Ultra 5.0.0

Millennium Ultra is our flagship web browser-capable access control platform designed with a highly scalable architecture capable of supporting thousands of doors across multiple locations.

Millennium Plexus Wireless

Millennium Plexus mesh network wireless system provides flexible wireless access control for buildings with wiring limitations, structures with high or plastered ceilings, and sites with a preference for fully secured wireless connectivity such as college dorms.

Millennium is open to dealer feedback and they constantly work to improve dealer satisfaction. This relationship model gives me the confidence that they will promptly respond to the needs and concerns of my clients.

Bruce Brooks

Design Engineer
M. Zion Security Systems

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