Millennium Mercury Solutions

Maximize Your Access Control Efficiency

Upgrade with Millennium Mercury Solutions

Empower your clients by upgrading their legacy Mercury control panels to Millennium’s advanced platform. Whether transitioning to the cloud or maintaining on-premises systems, our solutions offer seamless and cost-effective modernization. Enhance security, streamline management with user-friendly interfaces, and ensure future-ready systems through our support for open architecture hardware. Choose Millennium for a flexible and superior access control experience.

Empower Your Clients with Flexible Millennium Access

Upgrade to Millennium Mercury Solutions, the cutting-edge access control system your clients deserve. Transitioning legacy on-premises Mercury systems to Millennium's cloud-based platform offers your clients:

Easly upgrade legacy Mercury control panels to the cloud or maintain on-premises systems without costly hardware overhauls.

Improve security with advanced, cloud-enabled management features.

Utilize existing access control infrastructure to provide a budget-friendly upgrade path.

Enrich the user experience with intuitive, cloud-based control through Ultra Software.

Quick and Easy Conversion

Use the Millennium Mercury Provisioning Tool for fast, efficient panel conversions, minimizing downtime.

By offering Millennium Mercury Solutions, you can deliver superior experiences to your clients while securing more bids with a cutting-edge, reliable access control system. 

Empower Your Customers with Millennium Mercury Solutions

Help your clients upgrade their legacy Mercury control panels to the cloud with Millennium Access, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming hardware overhauls. Our solutions let your clients utilize existing access control infrastructure, providing a cost-effective modernization path that enhances security and enriches the user experience with intuitive, cloud-enabled management. With Millennium, your clients can offer their customers adaptable and future-ready systems, thanks to our support for open architecture hardware. Whether their customers prefer cloud-based or on-premises systems, Millennium ensures maximum flexibility and convenience, meeting diverse needs seamlessly.

Millennium Mercury Solutions

Effortless Upgrade to Cloud-Based Access Control

The shift to the cloud is inevitable—ensure your clients are ready for it. Elevate the security and efficiency of your customers’ facilities with Millennium’s cloud-based access control solutions. Transitioning from outdated on-premises Mercury systems to our advanced cloud platform enables seamless, remote management of access control, providing the modern convenience that today’s businesses demand.

Improved User Experience

Simplify management with a superior, Ultra cloud-based interface

Trusted Reliability

Millennium controllers are globally adopted and trusted

Quick Conversion

Fast panel conversions with the Millennium Mercury Provisioning Tool


Open architecture ensures seamless integration with various security components

MGI end-user benefits


Automatic real-time updates to the hosted interface


Fully redundant backup and archiving included


Browser-based access anytime, anywhere


Little to no IT support required


Subscribers only pay for what they use


Remotely assign and revoke credentials

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