Synergistics Premier Banking Products

Vestibule Access Systems with NFC and SKIM-ASSURE™ Technology

Our card reader security systems detect and prevent skimming attempts so cardholders’ personally identifiable information is never compromised.

Our vestibule access control readers also come with cutting-edge NFC technology. Now you can open the bank vestibules with your NFC enabled authorized phones and bank cards.

MSLR1 – Basic ATM

Synergistics Premier Banking’s MSLR1 ATM vestibule card access control system is the most widely accepted vestibule access system in the world. Over 100,000 installations prove its rugged reliability day in and day out, year in and year out.

ATM with BIN Tables

Synergistics Premier Banking card access system that limits ATM vestibule access to a user defined list of Bank Identification Numbers (BINs) stored as a table in the memory of the ATM controller.

Insertion Readers

Synergistics Premiere Banking insertion readers with multiple sizes and face plate options.

Swipe Readers

Synergistics Premier Banking offers a wide range of swipe reader choices in many shapes and sizes all designed and manufactured to our stringent specifications.

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