Vestibule Access Systems w/NFC & Anti-skimming Technology

A top priority for banks and other financial institutions is limiting building access to authorized bank cardholders. We provide the latest generation of vestibule access control for financial institutions systems and anti-skimming technology to minimize the risk of skimming and other identity theft methods. Our card reader security systems detect and prevent skimming attempts so cardholders’ personally identifiable information is never compromised.
Our vestibule access control readers also come with cutting-edge NFC technology. Now you can open the bank vestibules with your NFC enabled authorized phones and bank cards

Detects Skimming

SKIM-ASSURE™ technology detects and inhibits skimming operations and generates an alarm to indicate:

  • Cut wires
  • Mounting of a skimmer
  • Reader or control tampering
  • Entry door remaining ajar
  • Auxiliary relay

PCI Compliant

  • All communications encrypted by AES128 protocol (128 bit encryption)
  • Card reader encrypts and transmits first 6 digits of card to controller
  • Controller, after comparing, does not save 6 digit card information
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Easy Retrofit

  • Designed to be retrofitted for seamless replacements in the field, regardless of brand
  • 4 wire connection to card reader. Allows for easy change out for existing competitor equipment.
  • Can be mounted on multiple surfaces with the options of mounting plates, flush face-plates and insert boxes

Remote Access

  • Powered ATMA management software allows remote access to resolve most issues
  • Receive status messages from ATMA controllers indicating online/offline skimmer present, tamper or lighting too low
  • Most alarms can be resolved with the click of a button after virtual investigation
  • Software is designed to reduce service calls
Access Control System

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