MSLR1 ATM Vestibule Access Control Systems

The Synergistics Premier Banking’s MSLR1 ATM Vestibule card access control system is the most widely accepted vestibule access system in the world. It’s reliability makes it a favorite for banks whose utmost concern is the security of their people and customers.
With over 100,000 installations, our system proves its rugged reliability, day in and day out, year in and year out.Our vestibule access control readers also come with cutting-edge NFC technology. Now you can open the bank vestibules with your NFC enabled authorized phones and bank cards

Meets All requirements

  • Meets all Government and Banking Industry security requirements for ATM vestibule access control
  • MSLR1 can be installed to operate in all sorts of weather conditions
  • Manufactured to meet rigorous specifications for trouble free service

Self Contained System

  • System is entirely self contained and comes ready to install
  • The MSLR1 system does not require additional computers or software

Unmatched Flexibility

  • Pre-programmed software

  • Reads all magstripe bank cards

  • Connects with all Synergistics magstripe reader

Ships Ready To Use

  • Includes reader cable

  • Includes electric strike cable

  • Includes power supply and on board power light

  • Comes with one free relay

  • Software on board no programming required

Closeup of electrical devices being connected together

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