Flexible mobile credentials to open doors from anywhere
The Millennium keyless access control system is the most versatile mobile access system in the market as it is versatile and workd with any reader. One does not need to replace existing hardware to use the mobile credentials as the system is designed to work with any entry hardware linked through the Millennium access control software unlike the competition.
Added Convenience: Use your smartphone to unlock doors from anywhere

Touchless Unlock: Increase convenience for users to just use their smartphones for door entry

Flexible and reliable: Works with ALL readers, no need to replace existing hardware
There's More
1. UMC with geo-fencing
Smartphone door open with proximity limits.
The NEW Millennium Mobile Connect access control credentials with geo-fencing offers an extra layer of security for door and elevator access. The new feature prevents the possibility of opening doors from remote locations.

2.UMC with FaceID
Open the app with facial recognition.
The Millennium Ultra Mobile Connect app now integrates with advanced security features for iOS and Android smartphones for advanced Face/Touch authorization for the Millennium Ultra Mobile Connect (UMC) application. This provides an added layer of security for your doors.

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