Upgrade and SAVE with our 2022 Black Friday Special!!!
Existing sites upgrade DCDs to get discounts on new replacement EDCDs.
ENJOY up to
20% OFF
The more boards you upgrade, the more you save!
  • 2-10 get 10%
  • 11-30 get 15%
  • 31+ get 20%

Promotion runs from
11-25-22 to 12-10-2022
Need reasons to upgrade to Enhanced Door Controller Devices (EDCDs)?
  1. Higher processing speeds
  2. Multi card formats per board
  3. More memory per board
Promotion Rules
  • Applies to site upgrades only. Not valid for new sites.
  • Must send in all old DCD boards to access the discounts on the purchase on new EDCDs
  • Valid for the following controller boards:
Part number 149-202002-Enhanced DCD Two Door Controller
Part number 149-222002-NetDCD2 IP Two Door with IP Site
Millennium Group Inc.
Natick, MA
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