How Our Anti-Skimming ATMA Technology Works
We provide the latest generation of vestibule access control for financial institutions systems and anti-skimming technology to minimize the risk of skimming and other identity theft methods. Our card reader security systems detect and prevent skimming attempts so cardholders’ personally identifiable information is never compromised.
Detects Skimming
SKIM-ASSURE™ technology detects and inhibits skimming operations and generates an alarm to indicate:
  • Cut wires
  • Mounting of a skimmer
  • Reader or control tampering
  • Entry door remaining ajar
  • Auxiliary relay
NFC Integration
  • Readers also come with cutting-edge NFC technology
  • Open the bank vestibules with your NFC enabled authorized phones and bank cards.
PCI Compliant
  • All communications encrypted by AES128 protocol (128 bit encryption)
  • Card reader encrypts and transmits first 6 digits of card to controller
Remote Access
  • Most alarms can be resolved with the click of a button after virtual investigation
  • Software is designed to reduce service calls
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Dear Partner,
We understand that the last few years and the Covid-19 pandemic has brought challenges to the business environment in many ways. A lot of these challenges have resulted in labor shortages and subsequent supply chain backlogs, disrupting product delivery timelines.
Over the past 2 years, Millennium has been able to manage through the many challenges facing the computer chip shortages due to our stock position, supplier relationships and purchasing power. However, as the world continues to struggle with supply availability, we are taking proactive steps to ensure we have overstock of our products to support our existing customers and our surging new customers. So, for the foreseeable future, we have made the decision to focus on production of our two-door enhanced DCD intelligent controller and our net two-door intelligent controller for all new customer requirements...
Since the release of our two-door controllers, 5 years ago, these two-door intelligent controllers have successfully run on our cloud-hosted software with the same reliability that you have enjoyed with our previous single door intelligent controllers.
While this decision is for the foreseeable future, we have not ruled out the possibility of reverting to producing more than two-door boards if the market conditions improve and chip shortages become a thing of the past. We have secured stock to support your business with our two-door boards.
The good news is that our on-prem sites now have access to these two-door intelligent controllers where previously they were restricted to cloud hosted installations only. Take it from our partners who have used these controllers, the install of our two-door controller saves them time and money!
We appreciate your continued support over the last 30+years and, while we expect that this may be a big change for some, we believe that it will be a benefit for all.
Yours Sincerely,
Millennium Group Inc.
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Millennium Group Inc.
Natick, MA
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