CCTV Video Surveillance

Millennium’s cloud-hosted CCTV video surveillance
is a combination of video security monitoring,
cloud-native storage, 24/7 system recording,
and intelligent reporting and analytics guaranteed
to solve your most important video surveillance and
access control needs.

Millennium CCTV delivers camera-to-cloud recording for real-time views of your facility.

Access all cameras on your system from a centralized location
Integrate your existing cameras and video devices into the Millennium CCTV software system 
Create an all-round secure access control system with door, mobile and video security included
Observe all activity around door entry at all access points to determine who is coming in and out of your facilities
Record video for further investigation in event of break in and malicious access
Reduce personnel cost associated with staffing needs of security guards with wide range video coverage
CCTV surveilling with face capture

Millenniums CCTV video surveillance suitable for all cameras and security applications


Online realtime video surveillance for viewing within the Millennium Ultra software interface


Access to your facility from anywhere at anytime for administrators and authorized persons


Ability to record and store footage for future reference and accountability


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See How Our CCTV System Performs with Door Access

Monitor Your Facilities

Track Entry and Exit

Record and Deter Intrusion

Multi-location Surveillance

The Millennium Security

Our cloud-based technology and intuitive interfaces make managing your business easier and smarter.







BYOC (Bring Your Own Camera)

The Millennium CCTV Surveillance Solution lets you connect your existing security cameras to our Ultra access control system.

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